Saturday, July 28, 2012

Talking Adult ADHD Blues

Despite popular demand that I shut the hell up, here at last is the music to my song, Another Dubious Hyped Disorder. Click the link to see.  In case you can't make them out, the lyrics are here.

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  1. I only ask that you be kind to your adult patients with the disorder. I have stimulant medication for it, and oh my goodnes! Look out world when I tried to have my primary care physician prescribe it. I met with his NP and told her I take ritalin from my pdoc and the GP said that he is willing to manage psych meds. She immediately accused me of trying to score more ritalin than I was supposed to be getting :/ She really believed that I was trying to get a prescription from her and the psychiatrist and have them both prescribe even though I was clear that I was trying to transfer care to my primary care doc. She then said, "We don't treat Adult ADHD." Then when I told her the GP said they did she said, "Well...we do...but we don't do med changes." I asked her what happens when someone does need a med change, and she didn't have a response to that. So she just said, "We don't like treating Adult ADHD here."

    My pdoc offered to talk to them and let them know he doesn't think I'm a drug addict, but I told him to just shine it on.

    It's okay to have opinions, just don't be mean to the patients! If you don't want to treat it just say, "I'm sorry but I don't feel I am able to treat Adult ADHD."