Friday, September 20, 2013

Part 3 of Dr. Allen's Discussion About Borderline Personality Disorder - The Earth Needs Rebels Show on Orion Talk Radio

Part 3 of my discussion of borderline personality disorder on Free Thinking Voice - The Earth Needs Rebels internet radio show was on live Tuesday, September 24 from 12-2 PM U.S. Central Time, and can also be found on their website.  Part 4 will be Tuesday, October 15, at the same time.

On the Orion Talk Radio station, additional feeds like Tunein Radio ( for more information on tunein radio and free software).

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  1. I enjoyed listening to parts 2. What you said reminded me of how the media and the "leading lights" in the world of "autism research" grant the parents a blanket approval of their parenting techniques and pursue to demonize the autistic kids who are being tortured daily in many, many cases by intrisically abusive "applied behavioral analysis" which treats people as if they are rats or pigeons. They torture the kids and then wonder why they are acting out. They hate their own kids because they are such a disappointment, especially in the case of the few very public (media prostituting) parents who, to me, are obviously sociopaths, narcissists and borderlines. So these crazed parents demonize their kid's behaviors and paint themselves as perfect martyrs and the media and the public lap it up as the gospel truth. They never look behind the door, or ask what's going on at home that is making the kid scream or bang his head. Never mind the munchausen's by proxy parents who are enjoying torturing their kids with dangerous and sometimes painful, medical (and alternative) "therapies"... including daily injections or weekly infusions of this or that hideous substance or worthless but benign substance.