Thursday, November 1, 2018

My New Self Help Book is Out Today!

Are your parents constantly trying to control what you do or making incessant demands? Do they sometimes act in hateful ways that make you want to run for the hills? Do they invalidate you by questioning your intelligence, opinions, observations, or feelings?

In this new book, Dr. David Allen—an academic psychiatrist who has studied family dysfunction for over forty years—describes strategies for putting a stop to these repetitive problematic interactions.

You will learn:

1.      How to construct a family history of emotional issues (a genogram) that will help you to finally make sense of your parents’ confusing and seemingly bizarre behavior.
2.      How to use this understanding to plan strategies and counter-strategies for disarming your parents’ often formidable defenses in order to engage them in real problem solving.
3.      Effective methods for countering the ways your parents play with logic to confuse you.
4.      Effective counter-strategies for 17 different tricks they use on you to get you to shut up.
5.      How to block other relatives like siblings from getting in the way of your efforts.
6.      How your spouse or partner is embroiled in your family dysfunction, and strategies for turning him or her from a roadblock into an ally in your efforts to confront it.

Available now at:

Many brick-and-mortar Barnes and Noble bookstores.