Friday, December 17, 2010

Child Abuse Politics

The United States Government's Department of Health and Human Services just issued a report stating that 1740 children in the US died at the hands of their primary caretakers in 2008 due to abuse or neglect  ( 

Elizabeth Loftus and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation promptly issued a joint press release stating that the childrens' memories of having been murdered had been falsely implanted by unscrupulous therapists.

Meanwhile, wildly indignant child abuse advocates accused the government of a serious undercount, and pegged the actual number of cases at closer to 300,000,000.


  1. You think this is funny?

  2. Anonymous,

    The first paragraph is no laughing matter.

  3. HAAAAAAAAA! Excellent.

  4. “The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.” said Jim Morrison.

    "Murder" or a necessary change in the child to grow up, only God knows.

    "When I was born, they looked at me and said;
    What a good boy, what a smart boy, what a strong boy.
    And when you were born, they looked at you and said;
    what a good girl, what a smart girl, what a pretty girl, hey" Barenaked Ladies song "what a good boy"

    Positive re-enforcement or brainwashing into a stereotype?

    I will tell you drugs (for life) for the misbehaving child, drugs psychiatrists call medications is not the correct answer to "mental illness".

    Who speaks for the kids perspective-point of view? Not the Pharma company making billions of dollars a year.

  5. More on (non visible) Murder.
    "...toxic shame and all its cover ups end in spiritual bankruptcy. Toxic shame is soul murder. Because of it we become other-ated human doings, without an inner life and without inner peace." John Bradshaw

  6. "memories of having been murdered" lol Yes, that is humourous in the sense of being a Jon Stewart newsworthy item.

    I had repressed memories. It was no big deal , I mean it wasn't ultra-violence. I just repressed my anger and forgot about what happened and never thought about it again. Later when the dam was broken I used to enjoy allowing my memories to surface and feeding off old experiences allowing the emotions to be felt for the first time and then growing form there. I did that on my own after others helped me break the barriers.
    Creating false memories breaks a law of minimal energy in problem solving, something warped has to create the energy to do that.

    My memories are relaxed, I have no need to create false memories. My significant memories are holographic, I can walk around in them.

    Without memory humans are just cattle or worse.

    Worrying about false memory syndrome has more to do with politics than with psychotherapy though it has some relevance as an oddity. But it energy doesn't aid the direction of healing, there is no point to it.

    I don't think most people understand abuse, trauma, and lovelessness. Very few people in various communities recognized my parents as abusive or loveless.
    Abuse is not random, nor pointless, it's all about power relationships. The reason most people don't understand it is because they have not broken free of it in their ordinary social relationships and they are perpetuating social abuse. Modern civilization is inter-family abuse and repressive favoring the top very small percentage of families (IE elite). The masses are socialized into accepting and defending a way of abuse as the norm. They transfer these abusive models into their own family relationships.

    Something that happens to most people experiencing severe mental illness is that their socialization breaks down. The lies and deceits of the media , the government, big business, their families disintegrate in effectiveness. It's like sudden deprogramming - the bottom drops out of social reality at the same time psychosis destroys the usual feeling of physical reality - sigh - The psychotic sees the world naked , as it were, and reacts to a raw vision they cannot defend themselves again.

    Anyway - an interesting juxtaposing - thanks for the viewpoint.