Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More B.S. About Bipolar Spectrum

A psychiatrist who works at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston occasionally writes for a newspaper for psychiatrists called the Psychiatric Times, which is usually relatively unbiased in its coverage of the field despite heavy advertising from pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Wagner is, however, one of those “experts” who advocate labeling children who exhibit behavior problems with what I believe to be phony brain diseases like ADHD and then drugging them.

We know that true bipolar disorder is a real brain disease that has a significant genetic component. Earlier studies indicated that if you have a bipolar parent, your odds of developing the disorder are 5 to 10 times higher than the general population. Since the prevalence in the general population is about 1 percent, that means you have a five to ten percent chance of developing the disorder yourself. True bipolar disorder usually manifests itself in the late teens or early 20’s, most frequently with a depressive rather than a manic episode. Although rare, I saw one patient who had his very first manic episode in his 80’s!

Doctor Wagner wrote a column about a study by Birmaher and others (Archives of General Psychiatry 2009, vol. 66, pp 287-296) that allegedly studied the children of bipolar patients. Birmaher’s data is already suspect in my mind because a third of his sample of parents was diagnosed with something called “bipolar II” disorder rather than actual manic-depressive illness. In over thirty years of practice and teaching residents in both the public and private sector in two states, I have seen only two or three patients that actually meet the DSM criteria for this supposedly common disorder, and I suspect that these patients were all just mild cases of Bipolar “I,” because they all responded to lithium.

Bipolar II as described in the literature is said to rarely respond to lithium, most likely because it is not bipolar disorder at all. In my experience, many patients seem to endorse some of the criteria for bipolar II when asked about them by a psychiatrist because they really do not understand what the doctor is getting at. This becomes readily apparent if the doctor follows them closely for an extended period of time. As I discussed in a previous post, many patients with borderline personality disorder are misdiagnosed as bipolar II by doctors who use symptom checklists.

The children in Birmaher’s study, according to Wagner, were studied when they were on average about 12 years old. In truth, we rarely have any idea whether a 12 year old is going to eventually have a manic episode. Yet supposedly 10% of the children in the sample were diagnosed as bipolar! This means that they had to have some version of a manic episode, because you cannot tell if a depressed adolescent will turn out to have bipolar disorder or unipolar depression.

Of this group, the rate of Bipolar I in the children was stated to be about 20% of the supposedly bipolar sample. Some 12 year olds actually do have mania and are psychotic, but they are extremely rare. I doubt that the diagnoses of these young children were accurate. Another hint that the diagnoses might be bull was that about three quarters of the allegedly bipolar children were diagnosed with “bipolar NOS.” NOS means “not otherwise specified,” and is now used by those who believe that any moody, difficult or temperamental child has bipolar disorder. Bipolar NOS can be and often is applied to kids with “mood swings” or even temper tantrums that last for only a few minutes! The authors in the study toss out the “Bipolar NOS” term in the paper as if it were a well-validated and well-accepted psychiatric diagnosis.

The authors of the study claim at the beginning of the article that they evaluated the “family environment” of their subjects, but in the study methodology section of the paper, the only environmental factor mentioned as having been evaluated was the family’s socio-economic status. Nothing was said, of course, about the disciplinary practices of the parents.

Interestingly, the rate of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from physical abuse, sexual abuse, witnessing death, or family violence was significantly higher in the “bipolar” children in the study than in the “normal” controls - 16% versus 3%. Now why would children with a supposedly biogenetic disorder like bipolar disorder have a higher risk of being abused? Could it be that a high percentage of the children in this study who were diagnosed bipolar came from dysfunctional families, and the source of their apparent mood swings was family dysfunction? Many of the parents were diagnosed with bipolar II after all, and could instead have severe personality disorders. Furthermore, family dysfunction has to be pretty severe to lead to clear-cut PTSD in a child, so perhaps the 16% feature was just the tip of the iceberg.

Some who want to explain this all away have argued that bipolar kids, being difficult, often create the very chaos that leads to both child abuse and marital conflict. Parents who are frustrated and cannot agree upon what to do with their child frequently do have angry interchanges, and punishment can get out of control. Talk about blaming the victim! Still, I must admit that it is probably true that a difficult child is somewhat more likely to be “punished” with physical abuse than an easy one. But how do the folks advancing this sort of explanation account for the childhood sexual abuse? How do we blame that on a rambunctious child? “She was driving me crazy, so I raped her.” I don’t think so.


  1. Its a disorder is a real brain disease that has a significant genetic component. Psychiatric technician schools should be organized in schools & colleges.

  2. Prove it. Where is the gene? What does a "genetic component" mean when there is no implicated gene? What this says to me is that science is hoping to find a gene, but alas, has not. It is misleading to refer to genetic components because people confuse this with real proof.

  3. Though I am not in total disagreement with the main theme of this post. "That childhood supposed bipolar is a false and dangerous diagnosis"

    I would like ask that you to go into how drugging a "four year old" per say with powerful anti-psychotic medications further complicates and exacerbates these problems.

    Not only do to the negative inherent risk from these drugs being used in children, but are you not also removing any possibility of a accurate base line being formulated in the future.

    As for this Hypothesis "Its a disorder is a real brain disease that has a significant genetic component"

    I would like to see the proof. There are lots of studies that are saying data points in this direction, but as of this time those are anything but rock solid irrefutable scientific evidence.

    Many of those studies have been rebuked and been found unrepeatable/unreliable upon further examination.

    I believe the most accurate statement concerning genetic component related to any DSM mental health disorder would be that we "suspect" a genetic component may be part of the diagnostic puzzle.

    I would also be interested in how you view the tremendous influence the pharmaceutical industry's marketing machine with a drugging modality that has fueled the flames of childhood mental health disorders diagnosis explosion and the first line treatments now being used.

    Though I'm pretty sure if I skim through your archives those answer will be found.

    You might want to check out this interesting interaction going @

    as an example of parents defending childhood/toddler Bipolar and the drugging modality.

    Thank you, I just happened to stumble onto this blog, article, and found it quite interesting.

  4. Stan, I actually have a book coming out this summer, part of which goes into detail about the shenanigans of the pharmaceutical companies. It also goes into detail about how genetic studies are misrepresented. And your right, efforts to fina a single gene have failed, probably because there is none. As you say, any supposed candidate genes have fallen by the wayside.

    Saying that bipolar disorder is a true brain disease does not mean that genes are the only cause. The monozygotic concordance rate (the percentage of sets of two identical twins in which both have the disorder) is quite high for a psychiatric disorder, but it is not 100%.

    There are probably many genes involved, none of which is necessary or sufficient to cause the disorder, but each of which merely increases or decreases the risk. That is why "proving" it ain't easy given our current state of knowldege.

    As for mania not being a brain disorder, do you think you could stay up for a week straight without feeling tired and be physically active and mentally sharp the whole time? I'd like to see anyone who is not manic or not taking stimulants do this.

    I have not seen any convincing evidence either in the literature or clinically that schizophrenia or true bipolar disorder is based on family dysfunction, crappy childhoods, or psychological conflicts. If anyone is familiar with my work, they know I believe that a lot of other psychiatric problems ARE based on these factors.

    And trust me, I investigate the family systems issues extensively with my patients, using all available data, not just what the people involved have to say.

    Psychosis just ain't a normal variant.

  5. Dr. Allen, Just wondering if you are familiar with the work of Bert Hellinger, a former Jesuit priest who has popularized Family Constellation Therapy in Germany? (popularized in the US by Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt). I have been through this therapy with my family and it can work wonders for psychosis. Hellinger would argue that psychosis is an understandable reaction to a sometimes not very obvious family dysfunction that orginated generations in the past. You have to investigate your family tree going back four generations on each side. I am afraid that psychosis looks abnormal to people who have up until then believed that there are few mysteries in life, which is really the Western medical perspective. Psychosis isn't suburbia - it is Utopia or Hell.

  6. I am not familiar with Hellinger. If the therapy was helpful for you and your family, that's great. Anything that works is fine with me.

    Of course, I don't know anything about your family or your son's illness, and am in no position to make a comment about anything you or your family members have experienced, or why the therapy you all received was beneficial.

    I do not want to give false hope to patients with schizophrenia whose illness may not respond to this sort of treatment. I certainly do not want the mothers of psychotic patients to blame themselves for their child's illness, as such guilt generally is toxic to everyone in the family.

    From a brief look on the internet, it sounds like Hellinger used a lot of family systems ideas that can be very helpful in psychotherapy. Murray Bowen, on whose work my therapy model for personality disorders is based, talked a lot about family constellation and genograms. He also believed he could treat schizophrenia with those ideas, but on that we part company.

    I must admit that from the very little I've read, I think it is likely that Hellinger may have taken the ideas a bit too far. For instance, according to Wikipedia at least, he believed that "A breast cancer victim may secretly want to die due to a woman's unconscious "war with her mother." Ouch!

  7. Yes, ouch, but we holistic people actually believe that physical illness is not that different from mental illness. In fact, Gary Craig, popularizer of Emotional Freedom Technique, says that 85% of all illnesses are psychosomatic in origin. People are so afraid of "ouch" that they gloss over realities of existence. Life is painful and we try to pretend that the pain isn't there which leads to illness of body and mind. If I were dying of breast cancer, I would want to entertain any theory that would help me get better. There is no truth that is so painful that it can't be faced. Not facing them is fear, and we know how destructive fear is.

  8. Dear Dr. Stan:

    See Dr. Alan Frances, editor of DSM IV admitting that there is no scientific evidence for any so called mental illness and it's "bullshit" to pretend otherwise as he admits he did untold damage in DSM IV by helping to fuel the flames of the bipolar fraud fad explosion now that he is fighting further expansion in DSM V.

    I felt encouraged when I first saw your book, but I believe your attempt to also promote the horrific bogus fraud of biological psychiatry exposed as such by countless experts WITHIN YOUR OWN FIELD destroys your goals and credibility.

    With its bogus emphasis on symptoms, any psychiatrist refuses to listen to or hear the client's complaints about domestic, work or other abuse. The reason as Dr. Thomas Szasz and others point out is that psychiatry is about social control in the guise of help. You should point out how devastating it is for a person who is ill and traumatized from long term abuse to have a psychiatrist lie and deny it/refuse to hear it/invalidate it and label the victim crazy and her abusers perfectly sane. The reason is that psychiatrists are abusers and historically very misogynist themselves.

  9. Last anonymous,

    Such lies and half truths. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. While Allen Frances does write as you describe about bipolar disorder, it is about the expansion of the diagnosis where it shouldn't go. To say that he does not believe in bipolar disorder, let alone ANY major mental illness, is slanderous.

    No scientific evidence of ANY mental illness? What alternate universe do you live in?

    Tom Ssazz has thrown in his lot with scientology. Guess that shows where he's been at. They think mental problems are caused by a volcano god and space aliens.

    Some social control in psychiatry is indeed present. Some of it is bad (keeping kids quiet with drugs when it's a family problem), some of it is good. I don't really want chronic schizophrenics peeing on my porch. Do you?

    Sorry, but psych medications when used properly turn lives around for the better.I see it every day.

    Some psychiatrists do invalidate tales of abuse, but many don't. I take them very seriously. How dare you tar all of us with the same brush?

  10. "Lies and half truths" apply more to psychiatry. Dr. Francis admits that DSM labels are totally SUBJECTIVE with no proof or medical tests to diagnose them. Dr. Fred Baughman, Neurologist, has articles on the web exposing the FRAUD of all DSM labels as there IS NO DISEASE. Biological psychiatry was sought to improve psychiatry's status as medical doctors when Freudian analysis waned, which succeeded with the DSM III led by Robert Spitzer. Their so called "diseases" were just checklists of various behaviors that could be normal reactions to life crises/traumas. Since psychiatry's labels are SUBJECTIVE, they were a great target of BIG PHARMA with the APA ultimately selling out to it with a disastrous focus on stigmas VOTED in by a group of elite psychiatrists with most having drug company ties to push useless, toxic drugs. Dr. Loren Mosher, Psychiatrist, published his letter of disgust online when he resigned from the APA. Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. David Healy, Dr. Grace Jackson, Dr. Joanne Montcrieff and many other whistleblowers in psychiatry have exposed this dangerous menace to society in books and online while paying a great price. Robert Whitaker has done superb research on this debacle in his books, MAD IN AMERICA and ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC.

    Most psychiatrists now do short interviews to give patients a subjective DSM label with periodic 15 minute med checks to make more money. Dr. Carlatt admits to this more lucrative approach in his book, PSYCHIATRY UNHINGED. He admits that psychiatry pretends to know more than it does while much practice is based on whim. I don't doubt that Dr. Francis believes this practice is fine as the editor of the DSM IV, but he admits he caused much harm by expanding bipolar, ADHD and autism. You should be aware of how Dr. Joseph Biederman, paid shill of BIG PHARMA, single handedly created the huge explosion of ADHD and bipolar fraud diagnoses for children to push psych drugs for his BIG PHARMA employers. He even promised positive studies in advance for lethal antipsychotic drugs for children and toddlers. Without him, Rebecca Riley might be alive. This is the so called science of psychiatry.

    This should be a scientific debate and not personal attacks. Psychiatry in collusion with BIG PHARMA billions does all in its power to discredit and destroy anyone who tries to focus on scientific evidence that challenges its myths. This shows that it is not real medicine in the best interests of patients.

    Perhaps you have not studied all the toxic effects of psychiatric medications and all the studies that show they not only do not help with the symptoms as claimed, but make them much worse over the long run. There are many books about the dangers of psych meds: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DRUG COMPANIES, MEDICATION MADNESS, ADHD FRAUD, YOUR DRUG MAY BE YOUR PROBLEM, 2nd ed., MANIA: A SHORT HISTORY OF BIPOLAR DISORDER, THE EMPEROR'S NEW DRUGS, LET THEM EAT PROZAC, TALKING BACK TO PROZAC, THE ANTIDEPRESSANT FACT BOOK, PROZAC BACKLASH, TOXIC PSYCHIATRY and many others. Books that expose the lack of science behind the DSM include THEY SAY YOU'RE CRAZY, MAKING US CRAZY, THE SELLING OF THE DSM, WHORES OF THE COURT, etc.

    You also promote the myth that "schizophrenics" are a dangerous menace when they are rarely violent. Yet, most psychiatric drugs rank in the top 25 causing the most violence including suicide. Most school and other public shooters were on them. Dr. Loren Mosher had come up with humane, nondrug treatments, the Soteria Project, for those so labelled and most recovered. Studies show that "schizophrenics" in third world countries not drugged have a far better chance of full recovery then those who are drugged. The latter have been shown to become totally disabled and MORE prone to psychosis.

    I believe it is biological psychiatry that tars everyone with the same brush with its unproven life destroying labels/stigmas from the junk science DSM.

  11. Anonymous - As you know from reading this blog, I agree with about half of what you said and vehemently disagree with the other half. Purely "biological" psychiatrists are doing some awful things indeed, especially to children. Biederman should be in jail, as I have already said.

    However, you really overstate the case about psychiatric diagnosis and medication. And Whitaker makes so many incorrect inferences I could identify at least one significant error in almost every section of his book.

    We do not have to know the cause of a disease to recognize a disease. If that were true, there would have been no diseases at all a couple hundred years ago. Just because some psychiatric diagnoses are bogus does not mean they all are. We call that bit of logical craziness "black and white thinking" or splitting. You think the brain, unlike every other organ in the body, is immune from disease?

    I know more about the toxic side effects of psychiatric medications that you will ever know, because not only do I read about them every day, but I have been prescribing the the drugs since the 1970's and then following patients closely. When prescribed correctly for the right patients, there is no group of medications that is more effective. Benefits vs risks analysis should apply to ALL medical treatments.Chemotherapy is very toxic, but would you rather die of cancer?

    I have never said anywhere that those with schizophrenia are as a group a dangerous menace, although a very small minority can be. They are usually far more dangerous to themselves, and end up in jail for minor infractions.

    Psychosis is never a "normal" reaction unless you've taken an hallucinogen. Sorry.

  12. The studies and psychiatrists Whitaker cites make out and out admissions about the dangers of deadly psych drugs.

    That psychiatrists are arguing about excluding grief over death under depression shows that their medicalization of normal behavior only proves their insanity. What gives psychiatrists the moral or any other imperative to judge what or who is normal or what our ethical standards should be or be the ultimate judges of humanity? Their history including the horrific eugenics theories that led to the worst crimes against humanity shows that they are the last ones who should have this role.

    Much recent esearch exposes not only the uselessness of psych meds like those for ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, depression and others, but also their long term if not permanent harm. I realize that you would not want to admit this since this could impact your career negatively.

    I am not against psychiatry in general and applaud Dr. Peter Breggin and his colleagues for trying to bring back honest, empathic counseling for people in emotional distress. You may be aware that Dr. Judith Herman in her classic work, TRAUMA AND RECOVERY, said that most mental health experts know that anyone they encounter has been abused. Thus, giving vulnerable people bogus, life destroying stigmas to label them crazy to push toxic drugs is unbelievably cruel and evil since it totally invalidates, discredits, gaslights, disempowers and silences the victims. Dr. Herman exposes how such trauma victims used to get the insult diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Dr. Carole Warshaw, psychiatrist, and domestic violence expert has also exposed the great damage psychiatry does to abuse/trauma victims and she has done a great deal of work to try to remedy this problem as did Dr. Frank Ochberg. Dr. Warshaw exposes that abuse/trauma victims are often stigmatized falsely with bipolar, ADHD, delusional disorder, paranoia and other insult diagnoses that cause them great harm in dealing with abusers in court and elsewhere.

    The drugs you claim so helpful permanently change and harm the brain even with careful prescribing. They cause brain damage/shrinkage, stunted growth, huge weight gain, diabetes, eye disease, heart disease, tardive dyskinesia, neuroleptic syndrome, kidney failure, panic attacks, addiction, akathasia, horrible withdrawal symptoms and early death by about 25 years to name a few.

    Antipsychotics cause worse psychosis, which is why those treated in programs like Dr. Mosher's Soteria project ultimately fared much better. This is also the reason why those in third world countries less likely to be forced on these deadly drugs fare much better than the U.S.

    Psychiatric diagnoses are based on behaviors that may annoy those in power, which is part of psychiatry's role in so called democracies using such bogus medicalization of human behaviors to deprive such people not breaking any laws of their democratic, civil and human rights. A majority of diagnoses like bipolar disorder were created with BIG PHARMA to push the latest toxic meds like Depakote and atypical antipsychotics. Read famous Dr. David Healy's great book exposing the latest bipolar fraud fad in MANIA: A SHORT HISTORY OF BIPOLAR DISORDER. He paid dearly for exposing the perils of antidepressants in LET THEM EAT PROZAC and THE ANTIDEPRESSANT ERA.

    I disagree that you don't need to know the cause of a disease to treat it since such treatments can be deadly. I don't think any psych label can compare to cancer or diabetes despite psychiatry's false claims. Yet, psych meds may be as dangerous as chemo and probably more so when you consider all the lives destroyed by them when the patient would have fared better without them per long term studies.

  13. Anonymous,

    Whitaker cherry picks the studies he chooses to cite and totally ignores contrary ones. Ironically, many of the studies he chooses to cite are by the very pharma shills he should be criticizing!

    And your reading of the literature on drug toxicity is completely off-base and one sided. It is over the top exaggerated - so much so I won't bother to argue with you any further on it because you seem to be a true believer who won't listen to evidence that does not conform to your prejudices.

    Any drug can cause bad reactions in some people. As I always say, people have bled to death after taking an aspirin, and have died from allergic reactions to Penicillin. Maybe we should all go back to dying of pneumonia?

    Have you ever worked in a psychiatric emergency room or a state hospital? If you haven't, you have no business espousing such utter fantasy-based nonsense about real manic depressive illness not existing.(I like that name better than "bipolar," which is, I agree, way way over-diagnosed in people who are just suffering from traumatic relationships, a phenomenon which has indeed been created by pharma to sell drugs).

    Breggin once worked for the Scientologists, who believe mental problems are ultimately caused by space aliens. So you have to take what he says with a big grain of salt.

    As for the powers that be finding schizophrenia annoying? The next time mentally ill homeless people gather in your neighborhood and start peeing on your doorstep, we'll see if you complain about it.

    Psych meds are way less toxic than chemo. You obviously missed the point I was making about risk/benefit.

    There is no evidence that anti-psychotic medication makes psychosis worse. That's a figment of Whitaker's wildly speculative imagination.

    And if you believe the idea that antidepressants are super-toxic for almost everyone and do not work in correctly diagnosed major depression - well, I hear there's a meeting of the Flat Earth Society coming up near you. You should check it out. You'll fit right in.

    Feel free to have the last word in this conversation if you want.

  14. There is not a SHRED of evidence that so called bipolar disorder is biological, genetic, a chemical imbalance or any other bogus claim by psychiatry that such evidence exists. Dr. David Healy elegantly describes the total fraud behind the latest bipolar fraud fad explosion in his book, MANIA: A SHORT HISTORY OF BIPOLAR DISORDER that has everything to do with creating a new garbage can stigma to replace schizophrenia and to push the latest lethal drugs like so called mood stabilizers (Depakote) and equally deadly atypical antipychotics. Dr. Fred Baughman, Neurologist, exposes this fraud in many articles on the web, appearances before Congress and in his book, ADHD FRAUD.

  15. 'Tom Ssazz has thrown in his lot with scientology. Guess that shows where he's been at.'

    From reading a few of your posts I believe you misrepresent Thomas Szasz. Dr Szasz is not a scientologist and has explained that he co-founded the CCHR in order to highlight the practice of forced committment and drugging of those who had committed no crime. In the same way he would not have refused help from Jewish or Christian groups.

    Elsewhere on your blog you have criticised Szasz for his disbelief in 'psychiatric disease'. I think that a better understanding and explanation of his argument would dispel some of the myths about his work. A post on Szasz would be interesting and timely.

    Overall I have enjoyed reading your work here. Thanks.

  16. My family was saved by a diagnosis of bipolar 2 and complete, years long remission on lithium.

    If you want to call that bipolar 1 you are playing with definitions.

    On the other hand most psychiatric treatment we have recieved has been horrific, mostly it does honestly seem, the result of giving anti depressants....

    Futher, treating suspected bipolar 2 with atypicals is insanely dangerous.

    I agree with you about so much, but bipolar 2 seems to be a disease----which should be treated with great caution----indeed.

    1. Thanks for writing. However, I do not agree with you that it's just playing with definitions. The people who push for the "bipolar II" diagnosis frequently make the claim that it doesn't respond to lithium, and that doctors should prescribe the atypicals - which you correctly point out are extremely problematic.

      Also, patients with severe personality disorders are frequently misdiagnosed with bipolar II, and are given inappropriate medications and not psychotherapy, which is what they really need.

      Lithium has been found to be useful in two medical conditions only: bipolar I, and as augmentation for antidepressants in major depressive disorder. If you and your family responded to lithium, that is a good indication that what you have is indeed bipolar I. There is no reason why there can't be mild cases.

      Antidepressants can be problematic in patients with real bipolar disorder if they are not first put on lithium, depakote, or tegretol, because they can can switch them into mania. If you have top down protection, most people with bipolar depression not only tolerate them but do remarkably well - even better than the average unipolar depressive. Of course, there are always some people who can not tolerate any given drug.

  17. Dr. Allen has been well trained in ad hominem attacks in a bogus attempt to discredit anyone presenting the FACTS! Robert Whitaker has used METICULOUS research unlike bogus biological psyciatry that does not have a shred of science behind it or its bogus DSM!! The whole field became drug company sales reps when it sold out to BIG PHARMA! Dr. Breggin NEVER worked for Scientology!! This is a typical ploy of psychiatry to falsely accuse any critics of having ties to Scientology. But, psychiatry has no better science than Ron Hubbard. And at least Ron Hubbard admitted he created his Dianetics to make money unlike psychiatry pretending to help people while destroying them with BIG PHARMA with life destroying bogus stigmas and brain damaging drugs/poisons, ECT and other atrocities. What could one expect from a "profession" that invented the eugenics that created the Holocaust after they practiced on those they stigmatized as "mentally ill" by gassing them to death? Dr. Breggin has an excellent article about this sordid history behind the "mental death profession" professing lies and fraud! Dr. Fred Baughman, Neurologist, also exposes the fraud of psychiatry in his book ADHD FRAUD and his many excellent web articles. Bipolar is the latest fad fraud epidemic of psychiatry created by BIG PHARMA to push its latest poisons: atypical antipsychotics to continue its true nefarious goal spelled out by psychiatry in the 1940's to hijack and destroy society. I must confess these psychopaths have succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations and our worst nightmares per the great book, POLITICAL PONEROLOGY. And why doesn't psychiatry focus more on psychopaths and malignant narcissists, the real menace to society? Because it hits far too close to home as obvious by how these intraspecies predators in psychiatry have plotted to destroy real humans from the cradle to the grave!!

    1. "Breggin acknowledges that he did work with Scientology starting in 1972, but states that by 1974 he "found [himself] opposed to Scientology's values, agenda, and tactics." (

      I don't know about Hubbard, but Scientology has never admitted it is only "treating" people with "auditing" to make money.

      Facts are such stubborn things. How many other lies do you tell?

    2. I have checked out some mainstream articles on various issues like psychiatry on Wikipedia and learned not to trust Wikipedia for such information because these articles are just the typical BIG PHARMA/psychiatry cartel ad ploys and junk science.

      You obviously don't know the sordid eugenics history of your own profession that was started in the U.S. by psychiatrists and funded by Rockefeller. These psychiatrists got laws passed to sterilize thousands they stigmatized as mentally ill and promoted euthanasia in the U.S. It was left to psychiatrists in Germany to expand on this eugenics agenda to the euthanasia stage by gassing to death those they stigmatized as mentally ill BEFORE AND AFTER HITLER CAME TO POWER. Hitler complimented psychiatry's eugenics theories in his infamous book, MEIN KAMPF. German psychiatrists persuaded Hitler to continue killing the so called mentally ill. Later, they were happy to recommend to Hitler the murder of other "human vermin" or useless eaters like the Jews, gypsies, dissidents and others psychiatry selected for gassing to death as they moved their apparatus from mental hospitals to concentration camps. Murders continued at so called mental hospitals. Experts that went to Germany for the Nuremburg Trials claimed that if not for psychiatry the NAZI Holocaust would probably never have happened. I do highly recommend Dr. Peter Breggin's article on this, but there are other sources too.

      Also, you might want to check out articles and books by Dr. Jay Joseph including THE MISSING GENE and THE GENE ILLUSION with another coming out soon. He totally debunks all psychiatry's heritability, genetic and other claims of any voted in mental illness being genetic since the studies were improperly done and debunked and many genetic claims were never replicated. The twin studies to prove heritability were totally debunked since they were based on wrong assumptions and bad science. But, according to WIKIPEDIA you quote, Psychiatric disorders like bipolar are genetic and other junk science false claims are rampant.

      I just had to correct your errors of history and poor sources. Anyone can research these facts like "Dr." Ernest Rudin's contribution to the eugenics holocaust atrocities. Dr. Jay Joseph is trying to stop psychiatry's attempt to cover it up.

      To my recollection, I think Dr. Breggin may have said his wife had been briefly involved in Scientology long ago and left it. But, that is truly irrelevant to me since we supposedly live in a country with free thought and religion. I am a Christian; I suppose you will use that against me?? Do you attack every person you might about their religions? All mainstream religions would seem to have weird beliefs for those not used to them. Are you familiar with CHARIOTS OF THE GODS and the recent PROMETHEUS movie? Aliens coming here is not all that far fetched since our origins remain a mystery. It is well known that psychiatry has set up Scientology as a straw man to try to discredit anyone who dares question or expose their total fraud, junk science and true purpose of colluding with the government to create a police state for very undemocratic social control as Dr. Szasz exposes in books like THE THERAPEUTIC STATE.

      As I said at first, I gave you credit for recognizing dysfunctional families, abuse, trauma and the real environmental issues that cause severe emotional distress now stigmatized as bipolar and other blaming the victim stigmas. You might want to check out Dr. Carole Warshaw, Dr. Judith Herman, Dr. Aphrodite Matsakis and other abuse/trauma experts because they know that a most people encountered by the mental health system have been abused and traumatize in some way. Such abuse and trauma may even cause psychosis but so do neuroleptics and other drugs. I also recommend Dr. Timothy Scott's great book, AMERICA FOOLED, debunking psychiatric stigmas and drugs while providing a Christian perspective on how to really improve one's emotional and general health.


    3. Hi Anonymous,

      Please check out the blog before accusing me of ignorance:



      Among "religions," only the cult-like Scientology sees psychiatry both as a competitor and an enemy, so your comparison to your Christian beliefs is in no way analagous to those of Scientology in this context.

      I've never read Jay Joseph. Thanks for the reference.

  18. The most notorious nazi doctor, Josef Mengele, did sadistic medical experiments on concentration camp victims, including children. He had a PhD in anthropology. The last anonymous must think that this makes all anthropologists nazis.